Abacaty - Avocado Dry Spirit - 6 x 500ml Glass Bottle


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Content: 3 Liter (€33.00* / 1 Liter)
Product number: 210206
Product information "Abacaty - Avocado Dry Spirit - 6 x 500ml Glass Bottle"

Clear fine fruity avocado Dry Spirit. Here is the green alternative to Aperol Sprizz! The clear avocado spirit is perfect for delicious long drinks and cocktails. Avocados, rum, lime and pineapple bring the light and dry taste.

Alcohol content 24% Vol.

Aroma: Green, fresh avocado scent with hints of rum, raw sugar and lime

Taste: On the palate fine, fruity avocado notes. Rounded off with a fresh rum and lime note

Overall a very elegant taste experience

Finish: Pleasant, noble avocado bouquet

Responsible food business operator:

Peter-Marquard-Straße 5
D-22303 Hamburg

Country of Origin: Germany

Storage and use instructions: Store in a dry place and protect from heat and sunlight.

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