Abacaty - Avocado Dry Spirit - 1 x 500ml Glass Bottle

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Abacaty - Avocado Dry Spirit - 6 x 500ml Glass Bottle

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Abacaty Bundle - Buy 2x Abacaty Dry Spirit and we add 4x RiGO for FREE!

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Abacaty - Avocado liqueur and spirits

Abacaty - the creamy avocado liqueur

Our creamy avocado liqueur from the Amazon rainforest is not only a vegan liqueur, but also gluten-free, lactose-free and cholesterol-free. Not only does Abacaty Liqueur contain no animal ingredients, it also contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. Only natural ingredients are used in the production of this avocado liqueur - it is also worth knowing that the avocados come from a cultivation with a good ecological balance.

The story behind the culinary treasure of Abacaty spirits

The name of our liqueur Abacaty is derived from the Portuguese word for avocado - namely Abacate (pronounced: ABAKATSCHI). The recipe of the avocado spirit comes from the indigenous peoples living in Amazonia. The manufacturer of this avocado liqueur, SWANG GmbH from Hamburg, was looking for a kind of eggnog, only this eggnog should not contain eggs, but be completely vegan and free of any animal suffering. However, the creamy delicious consistency of an eggnog should be present. During their search, the Abacaty spirits makers stumbled upon an old tradition from the 17th century: In what is now Brazil, European conquistadors discovered a refreshing drink called abacate among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. Originally an avocado drink, later refined with cane sugar and rum, which became Advocaat, the forerunner of today's eggnog. So the typical eggnog you know is an imitation of the aboriginal drink that relied on animal ingredients instead of fresh avocados. Because in Europe they didn't have avocados, but they had a lot of cheap eggs. The creamy consistency of Abacaty Avocado Cream Liqueur and Abacaty Avocado Dry Spirit therefore comes from mashing avocados.

The sustainability of ABACATY Avocado Spirits

The maker of Abacaty Avocado Liqueur bases its business decisions on sustainability and produces Abacaty Liqueurs using environmentally friendly processes. Both the Abacaty Dry Spirits spirit and the Abacaty Cream liqueur are produced in a resource-saving way with a lot of manual labor. Only in this way is it possible to bring out all the natural ingredients of the liqueur in the very highest quality. In addition, the manufacturer pays attention to climate-neutral transport of raw materials.

Abacaty Avocado Cream Liqueur

The world's first vegan liqueur with avocado is incredibly delicious! The light green Abacaty liqueur is based on a very old Brazilian recipe. Abacaty Avocado Cream Liqueur combines the taste of sun-kissed avocado, exquisite rum flavor, exotic spices and brings you a sensual pleasure with the taste of mild vanilla. The creamy Abacaty Avocado Liqueur stands out for its variety and can be enjoyed regardless of the season. The creamy liqueur Abacaty is suitable for pure enjoyment or can be enjoyed with some ice cubes. You can also enjoy the creamy liqueur Abacaty as a cocktail! The creamy Abacaty Avocado Liqueur offers much more than just a vegan alternative to eggnog. With its creamy consistency and flavor, our avocado liqueur can be perfectly used to enhance both coffee and desserts.

Abacaty Avocado Dry Spirit

Like Abacaty Avocado Cream Liqueur, this vegan spirit comes from Brazil from an old Brazilian recipe. The Abacaty Avocado Dry Spirit contains sun-drenched avocados, premium rum essences, sugar cane with a hint of lime and pineapple. Abacaty Dry Spirit spirit is the greenish clear dry version of Abacaty Avocado Cream liqueur. The versatile Abacaty Dry Spirits is perfect for delicious long drinks and cocktails.
Abacaty Avocado Dry Spirits combines the smooth, fruity taste of avocados with the freshness of other tropical fruits and finishes with the mild sweetness of sugar cane and pineapple.

The perfect green alternative to Aperol Sprizz!

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to the vegan avocado spirits from Abacaty! Exclusively only at Lifestyle Drinks.