Abacaty - Avocado Dry Spirit - 1 x 500ml Glass Bottle

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Abacaty - Avocado Dry Spirit - 6 x 500ml Glass Bottle

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Abacacy – Avocado Spirits and Liquors


Abacaty, a rich liqueur made from avocados

Our rich, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, and cholesterol-free avocado liqueur comes from the Amazon rainforest. Abacaty Liqueur doesn't just use vegan ingredients; it also doesn't use artificial flavors or preservatives. This avocado liqueur is made with just natural components, and it's important to note that the avocados come from a good ecologically balanced farming operation.


The history of Abacaty spirits' culinary treasure

Our liqueur, Abacaty, gets its name from the Portuguese word for avocado, Abacate (pronounced: ABAKATSCHI). The Amazonian native populations are the source of the avocado spirit's formula. The Hamburg-based SWANG GmbH, the maker of this avocado liqueur, was looking for a vegan alternative to eggnog that didn't involve any animal cruelty and didn't contain any eggs. However, eggnog's deliciously creamy smoothness ought to be there. The developers of Abacaty spirits happened onto a long-standing custom from the 17th century during their research: In what is now Brazil, European conquistadors learned that the Amazonian natives drank a cool beverage known as abacate. It was originally an avocado beverage that was later improved with cane sugar and rum to become Advocaat, the predecessor of modern eggnog. Therefore, the traditional eggnog that you are familiar with is a copy of the indigenous beverage that used fresh avocados as opposed to animal products. Because there were many inexpensive eggs available in Europe but no avocados. Therefore, crushing avocados gives Abacaty Avocado Cream Liqueur and Abacaty Avocado Dry Spirit their creamy consistency.


The ABACATY Avocado Spirits' sustainability

The producer of Abacaty Avocado Liqueur based its business decisions on sustainability and uses eco-friendly production techniques to create Abacaty Liqueurs. Both the Abacaty Dry Spirits spirit and the Abacaty Cream liqueur are made with a lot of manual labor in a resource-efficient manner. The natural components of the liqueur can only be brought out to the utmost quality in this way. The manufacturer also takes climate-neutral raw material transportation seriously. More than just a vegan substitute for eggnog, the rich Abacaty Avocado Liqueur offers a wide range of benefits. Our avocado liqueur's flavor and creamy texture make it the ideal addition to coffee and sweets.


More than just a vegan substitute for eggnog, the rich Abacaty Avocado Liqueur offers a wide range of benefits. Our avocado liqueur's flavor and creamy texture make it the ideal ingredient for ena Avocado Dry Spirit, Abacaty

This vegan liqueur, like Abacaty Avocado Cream Liqueur, is derived from an ancient Brazilian recipe. Sun-drenched avocados, premium rum essences, sugar cane with a hint of lime, and pineapple are all ingredients in the Abacaty Avocado Dry Spirit. The dry, transparent, and somewhat greenish variant of Abacaty Avocado Cream liqueur is called Abacaty Dry Spirit. The adaptable Abacaty Dry Spirits is ideal for scrumptious cocktails and long beverages. hance sweets and coffee alike. The smooth, fruity flavor of avocados is combined with the brightness of other tropical fruits in Abacaty Avocado Dry Spirits, which is then finished with the subdued sweetness of sugar cane and pineapple.


The ideal eco-friendly substitute for Aperol Spritz!


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