Alder Rum Bio - Pure brown organic - 1 x 700ml Glass Bottle

Content: 0.7 Liter (€55.57* / 1 Liter)

Alder Rum Bio - Pure brown organic - 6 x 700ml Glass Bottle

Content: 4.2 Liter (€54.76* / 1 Liter)

€229.99* €233.40* (1.46% saved)
Alder Rum Bio - Pure white organic - 1 x 500ml Glass Bottle

Content: 0.5 Liter (€59.80* / 1 Liter)

Alder Rum Bio - Pure white organic - 6 x 500ml Glass Bottle

Content: 3 Liter (€58.33* / 1 Liter)

€174.99* €179.40* (2.46% saved)

ALDER RUM BIO – a true Hamburger

Alder Rum doesn't just bottle finished, imported rum. This exquisite premium rum is made from sugar cane molasses that originated in central South America (Paraguay). Germany's first organic rum is being lovingly and carefully crafted in Hamburg Bramfeld to become your new favorite rum. The greatest raw ingredients from Paraguay and the highest fair trade standards are what distinguish ALDER RUM from the everyday shop shelf Rum. The ALDER RUM BIO PURE.WHITE.ORGANIC and the ALDER RUM BIO PURE BROWN ORGANIC are both always "untouched" and devoid of any other components, such as sugar, color, or anything else that can compromise their purity. Alder rum is available at LifeStyle Drinks right now, so order some Alder Rum to try for yourself.

Creation of Pure Organic RUM

This innovative Organic Rum was created by a breakthrough in the Rum distillation industry. Combining traditional distillation techniques with an original, specially devised technology, this organic Alder Rum Bio is produced. Selected types of organic wood are used in the Organic certified aging process, and they play a major role in the flavor character of Alder Premium Organic Rum. A distinctive and, above all, consistent outcome in the taste and flavor domain is guaranteed by the particular, one-of-a-kind distillation method.

ALDER RUM BIO PURE BROWN ORGANIC – Organic brown rum made in Germany

ALDER RUM BIO PURE.BROWN.ORGANIC rum is a distinctive beverage that is made entirely of natural ingredients. Its exceptional maturing procedure gives it a beautiful aromatic profile and mind-blowing flavor. Small amounts of this premium rum are first made. The Pure Brown Organic Rum is furnished with precisely chosen woods that initiate the customized organic maturing process before being filled into stainless steel tanks after its distillation to ensure a good maturation. After a protracted organic distillation and maturation procedure, this distinctive premium rum is hand-bottled and given a cork. Purchase Alder rum at LifeStyle Drinks today, and then share your thoughts on this exceptional fine spirit.

ALDER RUM BIO PURE WHITE ORGANIC – Germanys First Organic White Rum

Gin can be replaced with the wonderful ALDER RUM BIO PURE.WHITE.ORGANIC Organic Rum. Contrary to many common Rums, this premium Spirit tastes well both on its own and when combined with a fine mixer to make excellent cocktails, especially Rum long drinks. The traditional methods used in the creation and distillation of Alder Rum Bio Pure White Organic Rum allow its distinctive flavor profile to speak for itself. Any rum enthusiast will fall in love with this superb liquor thanks to its distinctive 100% organic Maturation technique. The hallmarks of such an expensive drink are quality and outstanding flavor. Order Alder Rum at LifeStyle Drinks today after convincing yourself!

Award winning Organic Rum

The best way to gain your audience' trust is through quality. Due to its distinctive flavor and aroma, Alder Rum Pure White Organic won the "International DLG Quality Test Spirits 2021." In the same competition, the Alder Rum Pure Brown Organic Rum came in second place.

Both have gorgeously aged and are perfect for a variety of energetic long drinks and Cocktails.