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Askur Yggdrasil Gin

Bored of the standard Store-bought Gins? Up something unique, worthy of the Nordic Gods! Askur Gin is the cool new Premium Gin sensation that is taking over the Gin party scene! This outstanding premium Gin impresses its fans both with its cool, stylish design as well as with its incomparable Gin flavor pallet! Weather as Gin Solo Drink or combined with exotic Tonic Waters to create the perfect Gin and Tonic combination, this superb spirit will show you its full unique party range.

The myth of Askur Ygdrassil

The Name Askur Ygdrassil comes from the Nordic Viking Tradition. Askur Ygdrassil is the name of the Tree of Life, the most important symbol of the Norse mythology and culture. Askur is pure the center of our universe which is represented by a gigantic ash tree, which holds all 9 realms of the universe together. In that thought Askur Gin is representing the center of the 5 hand chosen Gin botanicals from around the globe.

The unique creation process

The base spirit for this quality premium London Dry gin is made from the finest wheat of the French champagne region, where its special distilling process is taking place a minimum of 7 times. Then the crafters hand select 5 very special botanical ingredients, also known as gin botanicals from different parts of the earth, which are then distilled in the UK, to create the perfect, pure London Dry gin distillate. This distillate is then shipped to Iceland, where they are being blended together, with the purest Icelandic water. This very special natural water Is optimal for crafting and blending of fine spirits, because of a low mineral count, but contains a high level of alkaline which gives it a perfect pH of 7,4 which is just right for the creation of an incredible tasting gin flavor profile that shocks all connoisseurs.