Doc Weingart - Refocus Sport Active Drink - 1 x 250ml Vegan Can

Content: 0.25 Liter (€7.40* / 1 Liter)

Doc Weingart - Refocus Sport Active Drink - 24 x 250ml Vegan Can

Content: 6 Liter (€6.67* / 1 Liter)

€39.99* €44.40* (9.93% saved)


Vegan and nutritional active drink - Doc Weingart

Are you looking for a fruity refreshment, natural energy and all that in a healthy way? Then we have the right drink for you. The innovative and fruity Doc Weingart Energy Drinks offer you all of this. The vegan and sporty drink from Doc Weingart does not contain any taurine or artificial additives. Instead, Doc Weingart Drink contains all the important vitamins, valuable minerals and plant extracts. A really smart drink from Doc Weingart for your smart lifestyle.

Naturally. Vegan. Fruity and fresh - The Energy Drink from Doc Weingart

The Doc Weingart Active Drink is the ideal companion for everyone who is looking for natural and fruity fresh energy. With 8 vitamins, micronutrients, valuable minerals and plant extracts, but completely without artificial additives, Doc Weingart Active Drink is the convincing alternative to the classic energy drink. One can of Doc Weingart Drink covers 100% of the vitamin requirement of the most important vitamins. This drink is therefore a real power-pack. A drink that not only refreshes and quenches thirst, but also provides you with valuable energy and nutrients with every sip.

Energy Convenience - Doc Weingart Drink

The combination of these ingredients in the Doc Weingart Active Drink is specifically targeted towards people who are currently under stress or are experiencing a low performance level and need to get out of it immediately. To do so, they require immediately available energy: minerals, vitamins, plant extracts, this is what the Doc Weingart drink provides. That is why only fruit extracts and natural fruit sweeteners are used for this Doc Weingart stimulant. This tricks the insulin trap, because fructose stimulates insulin production only marginally at most.

The secret of the Doc Weingart Energy Drink

The Doc Weingart Drink contains the most important 8 vitamins that are needed to fight stress. Essential minerals and plant extracts support the increase of brain performance. The best effect is achieved when the minerals are supplied via plant extracts. Then they are easier to absorb. This is why this natural energy drink from Doc Weingart contains extracts from plants and no synthetic, energetically ineffective substances. Doc Weingart has also been able to avoid the sweeteners, preservatives, flavor enhancers and artificial flavorings that are contained in almost all soft and energy drinks.

Concentrated energy - well packed

The smart Doc Weingart Active Drinks are available in premium aluminium cans one by one or directly in practical storage pack. The Doc Weingart Drink guarantees you energy and refreshment in its most natural form. A can of Doc Weingart every day.

Sugar trap - not with the Doc Weingart Active Drink.

You want instant power? You have to pay attention to two things. Not too much sugar at once and no sugar that drives up insulin levels. Because once it rises, it lowers the sugar level very quickly and usually too low. You experience this effect as strong tiredness. It is noticeable at about half an hour after the intake of sugar at the latest. Therefore, as already mentioned above, only fruit extracts and natural fruit sweeteners are used for this natural Doc Weingart Energy Drink.

In addition, the stressed person needs the whole "bouquet" of vitamins and plant substances now, at this moment and not in the evening, when perhaps a vegetable plate was planned. Instead, simply grab a natural energy drink from Doc Weingart!

Try the natural power! No lows after a short time. On the contrary: Doc Weingart Drink is a natural energy drink for long power and a healthy addition to your lifestyle!