Doc Weingart - Refocus Sport Active Drink - 24 x 250ml Vegan Can

Content: 6 Liter (€6.67* / 1 Liter)

€39.99* €44.40* (9.93% saved)


Doc Weingart - The vegan active drink

You are looking for a fruity refreshment, fool with natural energy and all this must be healthy for you? Then we have the perfect drink for you. The innovative and unique DOC Weingart REFOCUS Drink offers you all this and much more. The sporty and 100% vegan energy drink by DOC Weingart comes without taurine and artificial additives. It contains all the important vitamins that your body needs, natural fruit sweetness from pure fruit juice and high-quality guarana for an even longer-lasting effect in the Doc Weingart Drink. A really smart drink by Doc Weingart for your smart lifestyle.
 Healthy. Vegan. Natural.  Refreshing - The Energy Drink bz DOC Weingart
Doc Weingart REFOCUS Energy Drink is the perfect companion for those who are looking for healthy and refreshing fruity energy to take with them. With 8 important vitamins, high-quality guarana, natural caffeine and no artificial additives, the DOC Weingart REFOCUS is the convincing alternative to the well-known energy drink. 100 Percent of the daily vitamin requirements of the most important vitamins are already covered with just one can of the delicious DOC Weingart. This unique and refreshing drink is therefore a real powerhouse. A refreshing drink that not only quenches thirst, but also provides valuable energy and nutrients with each sip.


Energy Convenience - DOC Weingart Drink

The combination of the ingredients in the DOC Weingart REFOCUS Energy Drink is specifically aimed at people who have a lot of stress or who are unfortunately experiencing a low performance at the moment and need to get out as soon as possible. For this you need immediately available energy: vitamins, high-quality guarana and natural caffeine help you to improve attention and contribute to the reduction of fatigue. That is why only the finest fruit extract and natural fruit sweetness are used for this natural stimulant by DOC Weingart. This bypasses the insulin trap, because the natural fructose stimulates the insulin production of the body at most marginally.


The Secret of the DOC Weingart REFOCUS Drink

 DOC Weingart Drink contains 8 of the most important  vitamins that you need most during stress. Important minerals and natural plant extracts support the increase of brain power. The best effect of this unique premium drink is achieved when the minerals are processed via plant extracts. Then they are more easily absorbed. That's why this unique premium energy drink by DOC Weingart contains natural extracts from plants and no synthetic, energetically ineffective substances like most energy drinks today. DOC Weingart can also do without artificial flavorings, preservatives, sweeteners and flavor enhancers, which are contained in almost all of today's soft and energy drinks.


Full of Energy - Well packed

The Smart drinks by Doc Weingart REFOCUS are available in the aluminum can individually or directly in a practical 12-pack. The DOC Weingart Energy Drink guarantees you energy and a hearty refreshment. A can of DOC Weingart every day.


Sugar-Trap - not with the DOC Weingart REFOCUS drink.

Do you need instant power? Two things must be taken into account. Not too much sugar at once and no bad sugar that drives your insulin levels extremely high. Because once your insulin level rises, it falls very quickly and usually too low. You experience this negative effect as a tire maker with most energy drinks. At the latest 30 minutes after the sugar intake, the side seasoning is noticeable. For this reason, as already mentioned, only the best natural fruit extracts and real fruity fruit juice are used for this natural DOC Weingart Energy Drink.

The stressed person needs all the power of vitamins and plant substances now, at this moment and not only in the evening. Get a natural energy kick directly from DOC Weingart!

Try the natural power! No crash after a short time. On the contrary: The vegan DOC Weingart Energy Drink is a natural energy bomb for long power and a healthy addition to your Lifestyle.