Fiji Water - Premium Water - still - 1 x 500ml PET Bottle

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Fiji Water - Premium Water - still - 24 x 500ml PET Bottle

Content: 12 Liter (€3.33* / 1 Liter)

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Fiji Water - Premium Water - still, 1l - 12 PET Bottles

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Feel like a star on a South Sea island by sipping Fiji water.

Fiji Water: From the South Sea Islands, the finest water and a way of life
"If you want to know what truly pure water tastes like, open a bottle of Fiji water," the saying goes. It is a well-known fine water.

What makes the water in Fiji so unique?

The preferred water of Hollywood celebrities is Fiji Water. People that swear by the purest water in the world include Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. The spring's distinct position is what makes the water in Fiji so exceptional.

The Fiji Spring is an artesian spring surrounded by pristine environment.

Fiji water comes from the isolated highland region of Viti Levu, a Fijian island located in the South Pacific. A vast underground restricted water resource can be found in the midst of the jungle, far from the influence of contemporary society, and shielded by thick layers of lava. This layer of volcanic rock is the source of the high silica content natural mineral water and shields it from pollutants. Fiji water only comes into touch with the atmosphere when it is opened because of a unique filling procedure.

Fiji water will keep you glowing!

Fiji Water not only achieves the unmatched flavor of natural mineral water thanks to the unique composition of the ingredients, but also enhances its reputation. The high silicon content of the water in Fiji contributes to its calmness. This characteristic of silicone is said to have a favorable impact on the skin and hair, which explains why water is favored by many Hollywood celebrities and has evolved into a lifestyle item.
One of the most well-known premium waters is Fiji Water.

Since the business was established in 1996, these factors have led to Fiji Premium Water becoming arguably the most well-known gourmet water in the world.

What about the water, way of life, and sustainability in Fiji?

Water in Fiji is a contentious topic. This spring water should not necessarily be sent to every place in the world due to the lengthy transportation route, which employs a tiny corporation. The Fiji Water Company received an Ace Award for their dedication to humanitarian causes.

The water in Fiji is the purest in the world; it is premium water that also enhances beauty? You cannot be deprived of that by us.