Fiji Water - Premium Water - still - 1 x 1000ml - PET Bottle

Fiji Water - Premium Water - still - 1 x 500ml PET Bottle

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Fiji Water - Premium Water - still - 12 x 1000ml PET Bottle

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Fiji Water - Premium Water - still - 24 x 500ml PET Bottle

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Fiji water - purest lifestyle water - from the pacific ocean.

This water has long become a cult product. "If you wonder what really pure water tastes like, open a bottle of Fiji water and you know it "*. Fiji water is considered one of the purest spring waters in the world and is probably the most famous gourmet water in the world.

What is so special about Fiji water?

Fiji Water is the favourite water of Hollywood stars. From Jackson to Mariah Carey people swear on the purest water in the world. The unique location of the spring makes Fiji Water so special:

An artesian spring in the middle of untouched nature - The Fiji Spring

The Fiji Water has its origin on the Fiji island Viti Levu in the South Seas and comes from a remote mountain region. Far away from the influences of modern society and protected by a thick layer of lava rock, a huge underground artesian water reservoir lies in the middle of a jungle. This layer of volcanic rock keeps the water free from pollution and is the source of this natural mineral water and its high silica concentration. The special filling process makes it possible that the Fiji water has no contact with the atmosphere until it is opened.

Fiji water gives you beauty!

The special composition of the ingredients gives Fiji Water its incomparable taste of natural mineral water, but also its reputation for enhancing beauty. The non-carbonated Fiji Water is characterised by a high silica concentration. This feature also made the water popular amongst so many celebrities from Hollywood, because silica is said to have a positive effect on skin and hair. This is also the reason why the premium water can be seen again and again even in Hollywood movies and why it has become an absolute lifestyle product.

Fiji Water - one of the most famous premium waters

For these reasons, the premium water from the Fiji Islands has developed into the most famous gourmet water in the world since the company was founded in 1996.

Fiji Water, Lifestyle and Sustainability?

Fiji water is hotly debated. Especially the long transport routes are used as an argument why this spring water should not necessarily be shipped to all countries of the world. On the other hand, there is a small society in the middle of the South Seas that is dependent on these jobs and takes advantage of the commitment of the Fiji Water Company. The Fiji Water Company was awarded the Ace Award for its social commitment.

Is Fiji really premium water, the purest water in the world and even improves your beauty? We cannot decide that for you. Try Fiji Water yourself if you have an awareness of tradition and Status.

* Fiji Water Company