Hambuca - Aniseed Liqueur, 0.5l - 6 Glass bottles

Content: 3 Liter (€50.00* / 1 Liter)

€149.99* €155.94* (3.82% saved)
Hambuca - Aniseed Liqueur, 0.5l - Glass bottle

Content: 0.5 Liter (€51.98* / 1 Liter)



Hamburg has always been one of the most creative cities when it comes to new beverage innovations. Now a start-up from Hamburg surprises with an innovative aniseed liqueur, which convinces even the liqueur layman. The idea behind Hambuca was to create a liqueur that stands out from the classic, traditional liqueurs and convinces with natural ingredients without the frills.

Concentrated quality from the bottle

Inspired by a silician Sambuca recipe, Hambuca founders Kristof and Lennart developed their very own variation of a traditional Sambuca. In Hambuca you can find classic star anise and sweet maple syrup. Because of the natural sweetness of maple syrup, Hambuca Anise Liqueur does not contain any refined sugar or other artificial sweeteners. The spices used mature separately in alcohol and are not based on artificial flavors. The ever popular maple syrup with its caramel-like aroma and golden color perfectly rounds off the liqueur. Hambuca uses traditional maple syrup from Canada. Despite 42 percent alcohol, Hambuca delivers a mild and pleasant taste experience.

A liqueur like a walk through Hamburg's warehouse district

As a port city, Hamburg is a metropolis for cultures from all over the world. Here you can find spices and exotic tastes from far away countries. Thus, a true Hamburg product is not made exclusively from ingredients produced in Hamburg, but is enriched with ingredients that reflect the maritime trade.

Hambuca is aimed at people who not only value quality, but who also have a desire for new creative innovation. Have you already tried the Sambuca from Hamburg? Will it be your new favorite drink?