Icelandic Glacial Water - Premium Spring Water

Icelandic Glacial Water - The glacier water freshly transported from Iceland

Iceland is known by its beautiful nature and purity. Icelandic Glacial Water is one more than only water:
This glacier spring water is bottled under clean conditions. It means that the water has air contact for the first time when you open the bottle! From the source directly into the bottle.

5000 years of glacier water and pure natural power

Icelandic Glacial Water originates from the oil spring source, which originated about 5,000 years ago by a volcanic eruption. Protected and filtered by thick layers of lava, this spring is fed by meltwater. Since then, the 900,000 cubic meters of finest and purest glacier water flow into the ocean every day. This is where Icelandic Water comes in and brings us one of the most interesting, fresh and most powerful spring waters in the world.

Pure glacier water from Iceland and nothing else

Icelandic water guarantees the highest purity. The state-of-the-art bottling line is located directly at the glacier water source and meets the highest laboratory standards. A higher air pressure also prevents accidental contamination of the air in the filling line. For example, this premium water flows directly into the bottle from the glacier source. Nothing is removed or added to this glacier water. Icelandic Glacial Premium Water has only contact with the air when you open the bottle!

Premium water and sustainability

The Icelandic Glacial Water is the first glacier water which is bottled and considered CO2 /carbon neutral. For many years now, Icelandic has been consulting with the "Carbon Neutral ® Company" and is trying to produce CO2-neutral in all processes, as possible. Icelandic Glacial Water received the Bottled Water World Design Award for the Best Sustainability Initiative in 2007.

Natural and healthy living with the best conscience

With Icelandic glacier water you are doing something good for yourself and the environment. The water is not pumped or "beaten" by nature, but it flows by itself. 900,000 cubic meters of pure glacier water would otherwise flow completely unused into the sea. And Icelandic is making great efforts to get the water as clean and CO2 neutral as possible on your table.

Icelandic Glacial Water comes in a stylish bottle - naturally BPA-free

If you like the history of Icelandic Glacial Water, enjoy this unique experience of pure glacier water.