History of Iskld

The source of origin of this pure artesian waters is a spring in the area south of the Abenra fjord. The unique spring is renouned for the purity and drinkability of the praised Premium Water since the 1560s, when the Duke of Schleswig Holstein, Hans the Second, appropriated it himself, after tasting the refreshing fine water in a local inn.
Half a century later, Isklds unique natural Premium water is still as tasty and naturally pure as it was during the time of the Duke.

Iskld Water

There are only a few places in Denmark with ideal geological conditions and natural prepositions for a natural artesian spring. This unique premium water by Iskld is lucky enough to be able to flow from one of them.
The naturally crystal clear water flows for more than 10,000 years through sediments of quartz rocks and sand beds, where it is enclosed in sedimentary clay layers, thus forming the basis for an artesian spring.
The pure Premium Water Iskld is crystal clear. This naturally high-quality water has a refreshing flavour profile with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Iskld water has a naturally high oxygen content and is naturally alcaline. Due to the high calcium and magnesium content, there is a milky mouthfeel that characterizes the Iskld experience.

Bottling process

The naturally pure Iskld Artesian water has no "earthy" traces, it is so pure that no filterungs processes are required. It is bottled directly from the source to preserve the taste profile.
The traditional bottling process is carried out right next to the well. Great efforts were made to avoid pumping the water from the spring. The machines and pipelines have been specially developed to capture the refreshingly naturally pure taste of Iskld water. This special bottling process is carried out semi manually, and the speed of bottling is determined by the natural flow strength and speed of the Iskld Water.

The praised naturally refreshing premium water is perfect to be paired with a nice glass of wine to make the evening a little more beautiful. But on its own, as a standalone Premium Water, Iskld is a true refreshment and reminder of the beauties of the earth.