Jarritos MexiCan Lemonade - Natural Flavour Soda, Lime - 1 x 370ml Glass Bottle

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Jarritos MexiCan Lemonade - Natural Flavour Soda, Lime - 24 x 370ml Glass Bottle

Content: 6 Liter (€5.56* / 1 Liter)

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Jarritos MexiCan Lemonade - Natural Flavour Soda, Pineapple - 24 x 370ml Glass Bottle

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Jarritos - Mexican Lemonade, Natural Flavour Soda

Mexican lemonade in a new form

Jarritos - the Mexican lemonade was founded in 1950, the year in which the chemist and hobbyist Don Francisco Hill, called El Güero, invented the Mexican soft drink in Mexico City.
Looking for a refreshing variant of the classic Mexican lemonade, traditionally made from fresh fruits such as melon and water, he launched the first coffee-flavoured Jarritos lemonade. The initial hesitant success led Don Francisco to experiment with various fruity flavours and components - the Jarritos mandarin, the Mexican tangerine lemonade, was born.
With this fruity explosion of taste, the Mexican lemonade Jarritos became a bestseller in its own country. Only 10 years later, in 1960, the Mexican lemonade in the flavours mandarin, lime and Mexican cola was sold almost everywhere in the country.
Since then, Jarritos has been one of Mexico's most popular soft drinks. Today, Mexican lemonade is available in many exciting flavours all over the world.

Soft drink with fruit or fruity lemonade - Jarritos can do both!

There are many soft drinks and lemonades that call themselves that. A soft drink like Jarritos from Mexico only one. Only sun-ripened fruits, most of which are grown in Mexico, the country of production, are the basis for the aromas in every bottle. The Mexican soft drink is sweetened 100% with natural cane sugar. This gives the Mexican soft drink its natural sweetness.
For the real taste, Jarritos cultivates 80% of the fruits, like the mandarins themselves in Mexico. Around 30 million mandarins are used annually to make Jarritos soft drinks. Every bottle of Mexican lemonade is not only called that, but is actually produced in Mexico. Over 90,000 Jarritos glass bottles are currently produced per hour in the bottling plant in Mexico and exported from Mexico to the whole world. Continuous growth and worldwide success prove that the company is right, relying entirely on the good taste of its soft drinks.

Recently, Jarritos, the Mexican soft drink, has also become available in Germany.

In order to guarantee sustainability and to simplify the recycling of bottles from Mexico, returnable crates are used for the soft drink transport. All packaging materials and used glass bottles of the soft drink from Mexico are recycled. In Germany, the glass bottles are returned to the glass processing industry - so every glass bottle from Mexico is returned to the recycling cycle in Germany.

Jarritos lemonade - refreshingly Mexican

The Mexican lemonade fresh from Mexico is available in selected varieties! All Jarritos lemonades taste delicious pure and are ideally suited to give mixed drinks a special touch.

The Jarritos lemonade is available from us in the shapely 370ml glass bottle in the following refreshing flavors:

Jarritos - Mandarin,

the classic - the sun-kissed, sweet fruits for the Jarritos Mandarin lemonade are grown on our own plantations. These mandarins give the soft drink its aromatic aroma. With this classic you can taste the fruits ripened in Mexico and the mild sweetness of natural cane sugar.

Jarritos - Mexican Cola,

with the extra kick caffeine - tart & extra refreshing is the Jarritos lemonade Mexican Cola. Enriched with natural caffeine, the Mexican soft drink in combination with natural cane sugar makes you awake in everyday life and tastes refreshingly different! The Mexican Cola's bitter flavour makes it ideal for mixed drinks.

Jarittos - mango,

the delicious fruit from the south - the taste of sun-drenched mangos forms the basis for the delicious Jarritos lemonade mango. The exotic taste of fresh mango gives the Mexican lemonade an exotic touch. Ice cooled, it tastes even tastier from the original Mexican glass bottle!

Jarritos - guava,

with tropical flair - sweet guava and natural cane sugar give the Jarritos lemonade guava its sweetness and delicate lightness. The intense taste of Mexican guava lends this soft drink its tropical flair. Gently sweetened with natural cane sugar and tingling refreshing a very special pleasure!

Jarritos - Lime,

the fresh taste of Mexican limes - sour makes fun! The Jarritos Limonade Lime is fully committed to this motto. With its fresh lime taste, this Mexican soft drink will put you in a good mood for any occasion!

Jarritos - Pineapple,

the tropical refreshment - Enjoy the summery taste and the exotic aroma of tropical pineapple. Sweetened with natural cane sugar, Jarritos lemonade pineapple tastes the lightness of the south. Pure, on ice or delicious as a mixed drink!

Jarritos - grapefruit,

the bitter refreshment - the gentle acidity of juicy grapefruits give the Jarritos lemonade grapefruit its tangy aroma. Naturally sweetened with cane sugar, the Mexican soft drink tastes exotically refreshing when iced!