Sri Lanka, sun, tropics and the water of a whole, fresh King Coconut. The coconut water has a refreshing taste and has the best characteristics of an organic coconut. Nearly free of fat and sugar, it provides you with important minerals - perfect after sports or as a summer refreshing drink.

100% Organic - King Coconut Coconut Water

The coconut is grown on organic plantations. This guarantees the unique taste and is the perfect soft drink. We use 100% organic coconut water from the King coconut.

What makes King Coconut or King Coconut water so Special?

The King Coconut does not form any fruit flesh. This makes this coconut water particularly aromatic.
The packaging in a glass bottle protects this unique coconut flavour and makes this coconut water taste like fresh coconut.

King Coconut Water - 3 refreshing varieties of coconut water

King Coconut - pure coconut water
Enjoy this coconut water simply pure

King Coconut - coconut water with Pineapple Passion
Here the fresh BIO coconut water is refined with fresh pineapple juice and passion fruit

King Coconut - Coconut water Minty Melon
Coconut water mixed with summer mint and the juice of watermelon

King Coconut - Annona Hibiscus
Coconut water mixed with tropical annona and the juice of hibiscus

Holiday mood and health

Get this healthy drink to quench your thirst and for the holiday in between. In most holiday regions, coconuts are on the table. With King Coconut Water you can also capture the holiday mood at home. It is a wonderful refreshment.

The coconut from King

This coconut water is unique. It is almost without fat and sugar. The low-calorie drink will also be to your taste.  

The King Coconut Water, the refreshment not only for the summer

Juices and lemonades are out for many. These drinks are too sweet and have many calories. With the King Coconut Water it is different. This coconut water is fresh and has a unique taste. You can choose from different flavours. At any time, King Coconut Water is the absolute right drink.