Krasss Cap - You need

Krasss Drink - Youuu need, Bundle with Krasss cap - 48 x250ml Can

Content: 24 Liter (€3.33* / 1 Liter)

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€79.99* €105.91* (24.47% saved)
Krasss Drink - Youuu need, Crass taste - 1 x 250ml Can

Content: 0.25 Liter (€7.16* / 1 Liter)

Krasss Drink - Youuu need, Crass taste - 24 x 250ml Can

Content: 6 Liter (€6.67* / 1 Liter)

€39.99* €42.96* (6.91% saved)


You want to have power like the comedy duo Erkan & Stefan? You are tired of the boring 0815 lemonades and feel too crass for them? Then congratulations, your salvation comes, because Lifestyle Drinks has developed the new generation of lemonades! Fully correct, fully stable and fully crass in taste!

What is different?

Let's be honest: Everyone is sceptical about new things. But you are not everyone. You are crasser. You are crass! Do you dare to try the new Krasss drinks? Whoever has the courage to do something new can only win.

Fruity-sweet and fiery-hot, the natural kick now with the Krasss Drink! Especially the taste is different. Krasss different. Krasss good. Unique. Indescribable. Wicked. The wild and unusual mixture of spicy sweetness with a fiery kick is convincing compared to the normal flavour.

Enjoy it without hesitation: The drink dispenses with artificial additives in the best possible way and kicks you off naturally.

Crass art meets crass drink!

What does a hard drink need? Naturally a crass design! The advertising agency "Pickl United" from Munich designed Krasss Drink for Erkan, the initiator of this crass taste explosion. Do you need!

The look of the can must simply reflect the content. Street style and spray cans go well with the crass style, because what used to be borderline, like graffiti, tattoos and wide trousers is now established and just crassly normal.

Not only the taste should stand out from the crowd. Here you buy crass button, a crass design and above all a crass lifestyle feeling.

Who is the crass team behind it?

Lifestyle Drinks developed and produced this crass drink for Erkan. Matching the crass necklace and the sharp sayings of Erkan. The whole thing was designed in cooperation with Pickl United from Müchen. In all aspects you have managed to reinterpret a beverage category to reach new and old brothers and sisters. This drink is still looking for its peers in vain, but maybe Stefan will soon come around the corner with a chilled drink!

Distributed and bottled exclusively by Lifestyle Drinks, because for the normal retail trade this drink is still too gross at the moment!

What are you waiting for? Grab it and get crazy!