Lagoon Bay - Icelandic Orange Bitter - 1 x 700ml Glass Bottle

Content: 0.7 Liter (€28.56* / 1 Liter)

Lagoon Bay - Icelandic Orange Bitter - 12 x 700ml Glass Bottle

Content: 8.4 Liter (€26.19* / 1 Liter)

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Lagoon Bay orange bitter

The way of Vikings

The Vikings exploited the soil for generations, mastering cutting-edge farming methods to make the most of the Icelandic land, and then traveled the globe to get the rest for their daily requirements.

To bring the greatest flavors and scents to their distillery on Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula, Lagoon Bay has scoured the globe for them. This special orange bitter was made by distilling these components in small batches with Icelandic water, which is naturally alkaline.

Lagoon Bay is a distinctive orange bitter aperitif that is the hue of Iceland's glaciers. It is a cool beverage.

However, the origins of this specific drink may be found in traditional medicine. Today, this distinctive spirit is mostly employed to give taste and color to outrageous and vibrant cocktail mixtures.

Traditional home medicine

It is referred to as Amaro in Italian and Amer in French. Bitter liqueurs have been used as a traditional folk cure for millennia all over the world due to their impact on the human diet. When combined with wines or other spirits to make long drink cocktails, several bitters serve as aperitifs and have been proven to increase appetite. Bitters have long been used as digestive aids to soothe and relax the stomach after meals.

Cocktail Mixology Booster

These bitters are now mostly used to make cocktails. Because of its wonderful smells and vivid sky-blue hue, the Lagoon Bay orange bitter is a fantastic accent to any party drink. Purchase Lagoon Bay orange bitter at LifeStyle Drinks right away to spice up your upcoming cocktail party.

The Lagoon Bay orange bitter is a fantastic addition to your collection, whether you prefer it as a standalone beverage or a mixer for Cocktails.