NorGin - Premium London Dry Gin - 1 x 500ml Glass Bottle

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NorGin - Premium London Dry Gin - 6 x 500ml Glass Bottle

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A London Dry Gin that, while you're strolling, transports you to the salt marshes along the North Sea coast. Imagine becoming lost in the silence, with nothing but the sound of the waves breaking and the wind rustling the grass. You can taste the salty sea air on your lips as the sun bathes your face. Despite the rough and stormy water, the surroundings are peaceful and clear, which is a welcome change. This sensation may now be purchased in a bottle thanks to Norgin.

A gin with beachwalking-inspired components

The Norgin's thought first entered my mind as I was walking a dog on the beach. How exciting would it be to create a contemporary gin using the distinctive plants of the Wadden Sea in North Germany?

The Queller factory came up with the initial concept for this. a tiny, nearly transparent plant that is tough but sensitive. a plant that has endured numerous salt water washes and is even served as food in upscale establishments. After considerable time was spent experimenting with rum and various seashore plants, Norgin Gin was developed. It is today a well-liked beverage and a crucial component of the spirits industry.
a unique gin created by combining beautiful, natural smells Along with the unique queller flavor,

Norgin also comes in juniper, star anise, violet root, angelica root, cardamom, and other flavors. The dish is finished with a delectable, crisp citrus flavor and the exquisite Nordic London Dry Gin. A total of eighteen carefully selected plants and herbs provide an unrivaled flavor experience through the steam infusion process.

NorGin Cherry & Mint available now at LifeStyle Drinks

NorGin Cherry & Mint is the ideal herbaly floaral gin for the beach party . The unique North Sea coast gin comes now also with an incomparable floral flavor profile! The harmony between gentle horse notes combined with mint create a taste profile that the taste buds will not soon forget again. Buy NorGin Cherry & Mint at LifeStyle Drinks and enjoy the hot summer parties! This incomparable gin with mint and rose taste is best paired with an egzootic fruity tonic water. Optimally enjoyed as a solo drink or in a gin and tonic combination! Order Norgin Cherry Mint from LifeStyle Drinks now and take your gin experience to a new level.