NorGin - Premium London Dry Gin - 1 x 500ml Glass Bottle

Content: 0.5 Liter (€77.96* / 1 Liter)

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NorGin - Premium London Dry Gin - 6 x 500ml Glass Bottle

Content: 3 Liter (€73.33* / 1 Liter)

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Content: 2.32 Liter (€33.61* / 1 Liter)

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Content: 1.8 Liter (€43.32* / 1 Liter)

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A London Dry Gin that gives you the feeling of walking in the salt marshes of the North Sea coast. Imagine you lose yourself in the silence, nothing can be heard except the crashing waves and the wind in the grasses. The sun shines in your face and on your lips you can taste the salt of the sea air. The sea is rough and stormy, but the air is still pleasantly clear and peaceful. Thanks to Norgin, you can now buy this feeling in a bottle.

A gin with the ingredients of a walk on the beach

The idea of the Norgin was born during a dog walk on the beach. How would it be to make an innovative gin from the unique plants of the North German Wadden Sea? The first plant that came up with this idea was the Queller. A small, almost inconspicuous plant that is both delicate and robust. A plant that has survived salt water flushes for ages and can even be found on the plates of fine restaurants. After a long time of trying out rum with various beach plants, Norgin Gin was created and is a popular drink today, which has become an indispensable part of the spirits market.

Natural, exquisite aromas combined to an innovative gin

In addition to the unique queller, you will also find the flavors of juniper, angelica root, violet root, star anise, cardamom and more in Norgin. In addition, a fruity fresh citrus touch and the delicate, Nordic London Dry Gin is perfectly rounded off. A total of 18 well-chosen herbs and plants provide an incomparable taste experience due to a steam infusion procedure.