Puerto Mate - Lemongrass - 1 x 500ml Tetra-Pak

Content: 0.5 Liter (€3.58* / 1 Liter)

Puerto Mate - Lemongrass - 8 x 500ml Tetra-Pak

Content: 4 Liter (€3.50* / 1 Liter)

€13.99* €14.32* (2.3% saved)
Puerto Mate - Pomegranate - 1 x 500ml Tetra-Pak

Content: 0.5 Liter (€3.58* / 1 Liter)

Puerto Mate - Pomegranate - 8 x 500ml Tetra-Pak

Content: 4 Liter (€3.50* / 1 Liter)

€13.99* €14.32* (2.3% saved)


Puerto Mate impresses us with its incomparable combination of traditional South American yerba mate tea and the freshness of natural fruit juices. You have the choice between a pomegranate or a lemongrass version. The lemongrass adds a lightly spicy citrus touch to the mate drink, while the pomegranate version convinces with a fruity undertone.

Thanks to the usual mate tea effect, Puerto Mate creates the ideal and beneficial energy kick for the summer. Puerto Mate is the new low-calorie energizer, which is not only sweetened with only a little natural cane sugar but is also produced without any preservatives or additives.


The iced mate drink - An ice tea with tradition

Mate tea leaves have been served in South America for centuries, wether warm as mate tea or cold as iced brews. Mate drinks are not only drunk for their healing and activating effects, but also as a way of nurturing friendships with good company.

Puerto Mate is based on Tereré, the traditional iced mate drink. The innovative cold brew process gives the stimulating mate drink a unique aroma. The cold brew process ensures that the yerba mate is poured with ice water, fruit, spices and cane sugar in a particularly gentle way and without any influence of heat.

In addition, the yerba mate undergoes a gentle drying process. In this way, the risk of toxic hydrocarbons being produced is eliminated.

Puerto Mate with high-quality ingredients - Sustainable & Fair

Following the example of the natives of South America, only natural ingredients of the highest quality are used for the new Mate ice tea. The ingredients come from sustainable and fair farming for our nature and the workers. The yerba mate is always subjected to high quality tests.

The yerba mate is grown on the Pindo Farm in Puerto Esperanza, Argentina. The Pindo Farm belongs to a partner company of Puerto Mate. The quality of the mate leaves is not only distinguished by their unbeatable taste, but has also been proven by independent laboratory tests.

The founders of Puerto Mate are convinced, as we are, that "fairness" and "sustainability" should not be simple labels, but a matter of course.

The harvest and cultivation of mate tea requires intensively trained experts and is also extremely difficult work by hand. In mate cultivation for Puerto Mate, all workers are paid above-average and fair salaries and are also covered by social insurance.

The mate ice tea to-go - Puerto Mate


Due to the energizing mate tea effect Puerto Mate is the ideal drink for on the way or also for a long day at the desk. The two unique flavours lemon grass and pomegranate offer the right mate drink for everyones taste.

You will receive the mate drink in a handy, deposit-free 500ml SIG to-go package. Puerto Mate offers the perfect start into a spectacular summer with real mate tea!

Is mate tea healthy?

Mate tea has been said to have health-promoting benefits for centuries. The natives of South America used the leaves of mate tea as a herbal treatment for a variety of physical symptoms. Thus mate tea is drunk not only against fatigue and physical weakness but also with overweight, urinary tract inflammations, as well as for the prevention of fever and infections.

According to the tales, the indigenous inhabitants of South America nourished themselves exclusively with mate leaves during days of marches. They are said not to have had any symptoms due to exhaustion or famine.

But is mate tea really that healthy or is this just a superstition?

The almost magical healing powers are not all proven by scientific studies. However, there is no question that mate tea contains a considerable number of effective and health-promoting ingredients. Among other things there is a high dosage of natural caffeine, magnesium, antioxidants, vitamin A, B1, B2, C and inositol. Inositol has been proven to stimulate the nerves and fat metabolism and therefore not only increases concentration, but also acts as a natural dietary supplement.

The antioxidants found in mate tea, on the other hand, strengthen the regeneration process of the cells. In this way, they act excellently as a natural anti-aging treatment.