Rico RiGO

Alkoholfrei Minzblätter in ein Limoglas geben, Eis dazu, RiGO® eingießen und an den Glasrand eine Scheibe Limette stecken.

RiGO Grape-Bomb

Alkoholfrei Eine Grapefruit halbieren, das Fruchtfleisch vorsichtig entfernen und 2/3 RiGO® mit 1/3 Grapefruitsaft in die Fruchthälften geben. Mit einem Papierstrohhalm servieren.

RiGO Sommerbowle

Alkoholfrei 3 Flaschen RiGO und 1 Flasche alkoholfreien Sekt vorsichtig in eine Bowl eingießen und kleingeschnittene Früchte wie z.B. Ananas oder Kiwi dazugeben.

Rigo - Limenade, Lime, Mint and Soda - 24 x 330ml Glass Bottle

Content: 7.92 Liter (€5.05* / 1 Liter)

€39.99* €42.96* (6.91% saved)


Rigo Lemonade is the ideal mixed beverage when combined with booze like vodka or rum. It was created in the Caribbean and produced in Germany. However, Rigo still impresses even pure without alcohol thanks to its natural mint & delicious lime. When combined with carbon dioxide, it is truly cooling.

Did you had the chance to try the summertime RIGO Punch?

You will be needing three bottles of Rigo, one bottle of sparkling wine (non-alcoholic), and some chopped fruit are all you need. Kiwi and pineapple are suggested. Excellently cooling and perfect for a hot summer day with friends when served with ice.
The RiGO Grape-Bomb is an explosive, fruity beverage.

In addition to the summer punch, this drink has a wide variety of other mouthwatering offerings. For the Grape Bomb, simply split a grapefruit in half, scoop out the pulp, and then top it with Rigo & Grapefruit juice. Voilà!