Seedlip - the world's first alcohol-free spirit

Enjoy long drinks and cocktails now without alcohol but great taste
Seedlip, the new non-alcoholic spirit drink, is award-winning and makes it possible to enjoy delicious long drinks and cocktails without alcohol.

Seedlip is perfectly curated with Tonic Water and completely new, surprising drinks can be mixed in addition. A slice of grapefruit on the Seedlip Spice 94 or a handful of peas on the Seedlip Garden 108 turns a non-alcoholic drink into a delicious eye-catcher, with guaranteed no-one missing high-proof.

Seedlip - the old art of distilling rediscovered

Invented was Seedlip, the first non-alcoholic spirit drink in the UK by a creative mind, who has been thinking about reviving the old art of distillation in a new modern way and creating mixtures that, through their unique flavor compositions, can be used without alcohol Beguile the senses.

Seedlip - the art of nature as a role model

The model of Seedlip is Mother Earth - gracious, precious and ingenious. In honor of this wild and natural world, the finest ingredients are harvested and individually macerated cold, distilled and then mixed to capture the true spirit of nature.
The basis for these creative compositions are 100% natural ingredients: green peas, aromatic hay, mint, rosemary and thyme Seedlip Garden 108, the harsh version; or select spices, cardamom, oak, lemon and grapefruit with Seedlip Spice 94, the aromatic variety from Seedlip.

No matter which one you decide on - the new unexpected flavor compositions of this new drink innovation will make a real firework on your tongue - with 100% taste but without alcohol!

Seedlip is sugar free and of course has no calories, but a lot of flavor!

With no added artificial flavors, this innovative non-alcoholic spirit delivers the full flavor of exquisite spices and natural herbal aromas.

Spirits, brandy, cocktails without alcohol. Is that possible?

With Seedlip you can conjure up extremely tasty cocktails without alcohol. This innovative idea has already won the Drinks Business Launch of the Year Award. Seedlip is already served in over 50 Michelin starred restaurants - as more and more people are deliberately abstaining from alcohol without sacrificing taste.

Spirits without alcohol? Is that possible? Yes, with Seedlip - the first spirit drink without alcohol. The English say: Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit