Birch water from Tapped - Straight from the tree

What is Tapped Birch Water?

Birch Water, translated birch water, is the pure lifeblood of birches, it is tapped directly from the birches & bottled. Birch water is full of important minerals and vitamins that birch stores in its roots.

The extraction of birch water - in harmony with nature

Every spring the water wanders from the roots of the birch trees through the trunk and branches to the leaves. It passes through the entire root system. Thus it is filtered and enriched with valuable nutrients. In the simplest, traditional way, the water is drawn off the trunk or branches on its way up.

Birch water extraction - sustainability in its cleanest form

Every spring the birch water, also called birch juice, is drawn from the trees for one to a maximum of two weeks. Then the trees are left alone for two to three years before some of the noble water is drawn off again. Thus the trees are not unnecessarily loaded.

Birch sap is the natural "all-rounder"

The tapped, slightly sweet birch water can be enjoyed as a delicious refreshing drink. But it is also suitable as a healthy drink, because its many healthy, positive effects rejuvenate the entire organism. Due to the minerals contained in birch juice, it can also support you and your body particularly well in stressful situations.

Birkenwasser - A drink with a long history

People in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries have been drinking birch water for centuries because they have long known about its healthy and positive effects. The Teutons already drank birch water because they knew about the healing effect of water. The special water was once also used as a drink by forest workers, as it not only gave them fluid intake, but also the vital energy they needed for their hard and dangerous job in the forest.

The Birkenwasser from Tapped comes to Germany - Now available at Lifestyle Drinks

The birch water of the Tapped Birch Water brand is enjoying increasing popularity. Tapped Birch Water is available in several flavours - all made from 100% natural ingredients and without any concentrates. It tastes best this way and is good for the body. Tapped Birch Water is now also available at Lifestyle Drinks in Germany.

Enjoy the premium birch water from Tapped

The birch water of Tapped is a real all-rounder. It supports your body in almost everyone's plans, whether you are taking a detoxification treatment or want to keep a clear head when dealing with difficult tasks. Tapped Birch Water is there for you, just like it was for the Germanic tribes & all the hard working forest workers. Of course, you can also simply enjoy Tapped Birch Water as a natural, soothing refreshing drink.

Tastes are known to be different - the Tapped Birch Water effect, always the same

So that the birch water of Tapped is a pure pleasure for everyone, not only in its effect but also in its taste, there are, besides the pure birch water, the most different flavours. From Apple and Root Ginger to Bilberry and Lingonberry to Elderflower - all 100% Natural and Concentrate-free.