VEEN Water - Effervescent, sparkling - 1 x 330ml Glass Bottle

Content: 0.33 Liter (€3.61* / 1 Liter)

VEEN Water - Effervescent, sparkling - 1 x 660ml Glass Bottle

Content: 0.66 Liter (€2.86* / 1 Liter)

VEEN Water - Effervescent, sparkling - 12 x 660ml Glass Bottle

Content: 7.92 Liter (€2.86* / 1 Liter)

VEEN Water - Effervescent, sparkling - 24 x 330ml Glass Bottle

Content: 7.92 Liter (€3.61* / 1 Liter)



Water is the base of all life and our number one thirst quencher. But water is not just water.

VEEN Waters originates from the purest sources worldwide


The place of origin of the brand VEEN is Finnish Lapland. This is also where its unique source lies. In the midst of untouched nature and extremely remote, it is probably the purest water in the world. VEEN Water is absolutely unpolluted spring water from bubbling springs. But what makes this water even more special is the nitrate content of 0 mg per litre.
The extraordinary softness and gentleness of VEEN Water is absolutely unique
A very low mineral content makes this premium spring water so extremely mild. Water connoisseurs immediately taste the mildness and naturalness of VEEN Velvet and VEEN Effervescent. No trace of acid or obtrusive aromas. For this reason VEEN Water is the ideal water to be served with exclusive dishes and meals. VEEN Water rinses your palate neutrally to reveal the most subtle tastes and aromas of your food or spirits. VEEN Water can also be served with red wine and coffee.

VEEN Water - The right one for everyone

VEEN Water spring water is available in two different varieties: VEEN Water - Velvet smooth spring water, which is a velvety, still spring water. And VEEN Water - Effervescent gentle sparkling water, which is a soft sparkling water.

VEEN spring water is bottled directly at the sparkling spring in Lapland

The probably softest water in the world VEEN Velvet smooth spring water and VEEN Effervescent gentle sparkling water is offered in exclusive premium glass bottles. These are available in 330 ml and 660 ml design bottles. The filling quantity is well thought-out - 0.66 L is considered the ideal portion size for two people during a meal.

Thanks to its extraordinary benefits, VEEN water is a favourite among wine connoisseurs, whiskey experts and restaurateurs worldwide. The still spring water as well as the gently carbonated sparkling water is considered an exclusive and unrivalled premium water.