About us

Our mission is to bring your lifestyle to the next level with our exclusive premium drinks. From adventurers and fine spirit connoisseurs to sports enthusiasts and health-freaks all lifestyles are covered. We welcome you to join the LifeStyleDrinks family. Let us help you find a new or boost your existing lifestyle.

We produce, import / export and whole sale premium drinks all around Europe.

The LifeStyle Drinks GmbH is Europe's leading Specialist and Online-Shop for premium lifestyle and functional-Drinks.

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have the opportunity to purchase our fine premium assortment at their respective price level. Please register as a Dealer, call afterwards Phone: + 49 40 5247071 30 and send us an email with a copy of the trade registration or commercial Register extract to info@lifestyledrinks.com and become a part of the LifeStyleDrinks family.

After the verification of your account you will get access to your B2B-portal with all information and prices on your new Lifestyle choices.

Your unique orders are collected and executed exclusively via the innovative, unique Online LifeStyleDrinks System and are thus taken in lightning-fast, at any time of the day or night and fulfilled for you by our lovely and caring team.

And for our old school customers, we also take orders traditionally under order@lifestyledrinks.com or Fax +49 40 2990 40 40 to... but only for the transition ;-)

New products?

Discover your new exciting and unique Lifestyle. Functional and premium drinks are the key to a new beginning. Take a look around our Premium store and find yourself a Premium, Functional or Lifestyle drink that you would like to purchase from us in Europe. You want your drink from here or outside of Germany both online and offline Offer? Then just let us know at info@lifestyledrinks.com

We organize registration, transport, placing and deposit.

Let us make your Lifestyle fashionable…. we'll start with the Drinks!