The beloved desert lily also known as the aloe vera plant can be assigned to the plant genus of the Affodillgewächse. We see a direct relationship with the lily plants. Whether inside or outside: neither the pharmaceutical industry nor the cosmetic industry can do without aloe vera. Since aloe vera is very effective, it has invigorating and beneficial effects. Admittedly, the aloe vera plant seems quite uninteresting. The desert lily grows on the earth without a stem and forms dense foothills already at the base. The leaves of aloe vera remind of a rosette growth. Tortz the smooth leaf surface. The desert lily protects itself with the up to 20mm long thorns.

Real desert lily - centuries-old with positive effects

Aloe vera can be found in Africa, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico as well as in the Canary Islands. Because in summer it rains very little and there is a tropical climate. This helps aloe vera to grow. Because the aloe vera plant forms its own nutrients and has a moisture reservoir that fills itself. That's why aloe vera is so interesting for us geniuses.

The welness boom brought the aloe vera into a hype. Despite the well-known and proven healing effect of aloe vera plant a century ago. The aloe vera plant is very diverse and helps with various injuries, such as irritation of the skin, because here the use of natural aloe vera creams, lotions, gels or lotions products can quickly help. Especially recommended is the intake of a delicious aloe vera drink which acts from the medicinal plant from the inside to the outside. By drinking the aloe vera plant, the nutrients of the desert lily enter the body extremely quickly.

Where to Buy Aloe Vera Drinks

Due to the huge demand for the hot aloe vera plant, new products such as extremely delicious wellness drinks came onto the market. Meanwhile, there is a very large assortment of drinks, which, of course, have a positive effect on the skin and health. These healthy lifestyle drinks can be easily integrated into everyday life. Due to their fruity and natural taste, these aloe vera drinks are very refreshing-delicious. You can easily get on lifestyle drinks.order a large selection of the top Aloe Vera drinks online.


The refreshing-revitalizing effect of aloe vera drinks

The juice of the plant has mainly cosmetic purposes, because the desert lily stimulates cell renewal. Especially as a natural anti-aging agent for wrinkles, skin irritations and scars, aloe vera shows an amazing result.

Even people who suffer from very sensitive skin benefit from the moisturizing effect, which is soothing and at the same time uplifting. There is no other plant with such a variety of ingredients as aloe vera. Necessary enzymes and amino acids are the heart of the aloe vera plant, because they are healing.

Delicious, refreshing and health-promoting: Aloe vera drinks in practical tetra paks

Products from Alo - Aloe Vera Drinks have already discovered the diversity of the aloe vera plant for their delicious drinks. With tasty combinations of aloe vera and mango and mangosteen, watermelon and peach, pomegranate and cranberry, honey, pomelo / zitone and pink grapefruit or with various fruity berries, a completely new taste experience is created. Only natural flavors are processed here. Juices with crunchy AloeVera pieces are also an exciting and above all healthy alternative to conventional aloe vera fruit drinks. There are no limits to the variety of aloe vera and so there is the right aloe vera drink for everyone. In the handy tetrapaks, the drinks are super practical and perfect for enjoying in between. With the phenomenal outflow opening, the aloe vera drinks are resealable and of course they are also available in different sizes. Brands like Alo are experimenting with different flavors based on aloe vera and pure spring water. These drinks have a significant health-promoting effect and at the same time it has an anti-aging effect. Thanks to their natural ingredients, these aloe vera drinks are considered fat-free, allergen-free, gluten-free, and especially without sacrificing a tasty aroma.

How does aloe vera work in the body?

The mono- and polysaccharides, i.e. single and multiple sugars, have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immunostimulating effect at the same time. Even with digestive problems, the aloe vera antiviral drinks help. Here, the aloe vera drinks and manufacturers convince with the effect of the Siberian taiga root in combination with aloe vera and ginseng. Acemannan is one of the main active ingredients that the body can actually form completely by itself until puberty.

Subsequently, we are dependent on feeding it to our organism via nutrition. These are long-chain sugar molecules that cleanse the intestines, counteract acids and inflammation, and strengthen the immune system. Mostly they are taken in connection with vital substances. But they are also considered a crucial building material in our ligaments, bones and joints as well as tendons.

Essential Natural Amino Acids

It is good to know that aloe vera contains a total of seven of the eight essential amino acids. These too must be supplied to the body via our diet. Because our organism is not able to form them itself – nevertheless, we need them for strengthening the immune system, for muscle building as well as for promoting healing processes. In addition, essential amino acids support the production of collagen in the skin, which promotes an even and healthy complexion and at the same time counteracts the natural aging process.