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The Nightcoffee / Der Nachtkaffee - Liquid Cocaine, Coffee-Liquor - 6 x 700ml Glass Bottle

Content: 4.2 Liter (€39.52* / 1 Liter)

€165.99* €179.94* (7.75% saved)
Liquid Cocaine Bundle - 2x The Nightcoffee and 1x Helix 7 Vodka for an exceptional night!

Content: 2.4 Liter (€27.26* / 1 Liter)

€65.42* €76.97* (15.01% saved)


Coffee Drinks - the ultimate stimulants

Whether hot or cold, coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide, with or without milk and sugar, as an espresso or cappuccino - coffee is drunk in countless forms and all sorts of variants.

Cold Brew Coffee Drinks are the enjoyment of coffee in a new way. As a little wake-up call in between, they are handy on the go, ready at any time, in your handbag or in the office. Today, several coffee drinks are on sale. But which one is the right one? To make a very good coffee drink, it takes nothing more than high-quality ingredients and the best recipes.

Simply rely on the good taste, we are always looking for new, unusual coffee drinks that not only look good, but also taste good and give the desired caffeine kick! All coffee drinks in our assortment could either be enjoyed pure or used as a basis for fancy iced coffees, cocktails and mixed drinks. Cold Brew coffee is suitable for the production of besodners own coffee mixed drinks, which are produced with cold coffee, according to the so-called cold brew process.

Cold Brew Coffee - the trendy drink for the guards!

The name says it all – with this coffee drink, the coffee is brewed cold, that is, with cold water. Over the course of several hours, the cold brew takes on its actual form: the caffeine from the coffee slowly dissolves from the beans, without giving off any bitter substances to the coffee again. The gentle preparation of the Cold Brew Coffee makes the taste so soft and irresistible. A high quality coffee drink with a cold brew coffee.To make you really awake, you can conjure up with the concentrate of cold brew, corner iced coffees, cocktails and mixed drinks or enjoy it pure. When choosing our coffee drinks, especially the cold Brew, we always pay attention to the high quality of the ingredients and the origin of the products. 100% best Arabica coffee beans are used for the production of the Cold Brew Coffee by professional baristas. These are roasted in small quantities and processed by hand into a gentle and balanced coffee drink. The velvety Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate can now be found practically packaged and in different flavors in our shop! A pleasure that you should not miss! It has never been so easy to enjoy Cold Brew coffee professionally.

Coffee Drinks - Enjoy coffee on the go or at home

Coffee drinks are made either as cold brew coffee, infused with ice cold water or hot by traditional hot brewing method. With us you will find exactly the right coffee drink for your taste, regardless of whether you prefer the classic brewing variant with hot water or the cold brewing method.

Coffee drinks deliver the "Hello awake effect" on the go, at work or in your free time, whether as a classic black coffee or with milk and various syrups. Convenient to take with you and drink immediately, coffee drinks are just the right choice if you want to take a little coffee break on the go in style! The practical coffee drinks on the go are a treat for the body and a refreshment for the senses! A lot of delicious mixed drinks can be made with a few ingredients from different coffee drinks at your home can be made from the different coffee

Conjure up drinks. Whether alcohol-free as frappé, iced coffee or with alcohol, such as the world–famous Irish Coffee, which has been served refined with whiskey and cream for generations - these recipes are easy to succeed with a good coffee drink as a basis even in your own four walls. Our coffee-enthusiastic team is always trying new varieties and is looking for new, high-quality coffee drinks all over the world that really wake you up! With just a few clicks you can buy the whole variety of coffee drinks from all over the world with Lifestyle Drinks.