STRYKK - Not V*dka - 1 x 700ml Glass Bottle

Content: 0.7 Liter (€35.70* / 1 Liter)

STRYKK - Not V*dka - 6 x 700ml Glass Bottle

Content: 4.2 Liter (€34.52* / 1 Liter)

€144.99* €149.94* (3.3% saved)

Low sugar - delicious drinks for a healthy, sugar-reduced diet

How unhealthy is sugar?

Sugar is not harmful overall, in moderation. However, sugar leads to constant cravings, this is because sugar goes directly into the bloodstream, causing blood sugar levels to rise and fall just as quickly. This leads to the fact that one feeds oneself more and more sugar. Sugar activates the brain's reward system, which then releases dopamine, triggering a feeling of well-being and happiness. Sugar can therefore very quickly lead to addictive behavior.

The World Health Organization recommends about 25 grams of sugar, but contrary to their recommendation, Germans consume far too much sugar. This leads to a large number of obesity-related diseases as well as type 2 diabetes, caries and cardiovascular diseases. As if this were not enough, excessive sugar consumption is associated with certain cancers.

The sugar trap in the food industry

Sugar is hidden almost everywhere and especially in beverages. This section is intended to help you avoid getting caught in the vicious circle of sugar.

Especially in juices there is a lot of sugar hidden, but not only there, many beverage manufacturers decide to release more and more zero-sugar versions of their sweet drinks.

For example, the energy drink NOCCO BCAA is one of the drinks that are 100% sugar-free, because this sports drink is sweetened with sucralose.

But the intelligent energy drink from Doc Weingart also does without sugar, it uses only fruit extracts and natural fruit sweeteners.

The Grenade Shake, one of our "Whey-To-Go" protein drinks, is also one of the candidates that convinces with little sugar and few carbohydrates.