Background of Iskld

This exquisite artesian water originates from a well south of Benr Fjord. Since Hans the Elder, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, acquired the well in the early 1500s after tasting this exquisite premium water in a nearby inn, the well has been renowned for its cleanliness and drinkability. This unrivaled premium artesian water by Iskld is still as sweet and pure 500 years later as it was during the Duke's reign.

Iskld water

Iskld is lucky to have access to one of the few locations in Denmark with the ideal geological parameters for a natural artesian well.

A natural artesian source is created when water is trapped in clay layers after flowing through quartz sand deposits naturally for 10,000 years.

The water in Iskld is completely clear. This high-quality artisan water has a crisp flavor profile and a faintly sweet aftertaste. Iskld is naturally alkaline, has a mouthfeel comparable to milk, and has a high oxygen content. It also has high calcium and magnesium contents..
packaging procedure

Iskld water may be bottled straight from the source since it is so clean and free of any "cultural" components that filtering is not required.

The water is bottled right close to the well, and great care has been taken to prevent pumping the water beforehand. Iskld Water's original, pure flavor was preserved by the machinery and pipe systems. The procedure is semi-manual, and the speed of bottling is solely determined by the Iskld water's natural flow.


This unusually clear and cooling water is perfect for a wine pairing, but it also serves as a great refreshment and a constant reminder of the wonders of nature on its own.