Have drinks delivered now!

In more and more places in Germany, due to the Corona virus, a restriction of the exit or a curfew is imposed. In places where this is not yet the case, it is better to stay at home.

But what is the recipe against boredom at home? Our online store offers you a wide selection of various soft drinks and spirits. So why not have a nice movie night or enjoy the sunny afternoon with a refreshing lemonade on the balcony? The delivery of your drinks comes right to your doorstep.

Payment already takes place online – to avoid the direct contact.

Give yourself a break in these turbulent times.We carry a wide range of premium spirits and lifestyle lemonades. Also smoothies, vitamin shots, aloe vera drinks, coconut water, energy drinks and much more belong to our offer.

So if you are planning to meet your friends online for a fun night of gambling, we can deliver energy drinks, coffee drinks and much more directly to your home. We are also happy to supply our customers, who now have to work in their home office, with drinks quickly and easily.

Ordering food and drinks online is already very popular. And as you can see from the current situation, this is a sensible business. Online stores and delivery services will always exist, because the Internet is already an indispensable part of our lives. As we can see now, online trade is crisis-proof.

We offer you 100% risk-free order processing.

From the ordering process to payment and delivery.

We deliver fast, secure, corona-free.

We are on duty around the clock for you to keep the business running. The safe and fast delivery of beverages continues.

Even in times of the Corona Pandemic we want to offer our customers the service they are used to. As your specialist for lifestyle premium drinks, we are pleased to be able to continue supplying you as your beverage supplier in the future. We welcome all new customers who would like to have their drinks delivered to them in the future.