LifeStyleDrinks Your Drink Importer

LifeStyleDrinks is the perfect importer and partner for your all-inclusive drinks marketing (360° distribution, omnichannel marketing).

We deliver liquid lifestyle for Germany and Europe, always looking for the latest and greatest lifestyle premium drinks.

Our import tasks as distributors include:

  • The placing on the market and registration of the product / drinks
  • DPG deposit sticker or sleeve production with integrated DPG logo (deposit registration)
  • Creation and design of appropriate marketing material (design agency in-house)
  • Product positioning and price positioning (sales strategy level 1)
  • Sales from day 1 in Germany and Europe (product availability)
  • Samples shipment (simplification of sales)
  • Create brand and product experiences at POS and events
  • Mass organization for brands (contact with retail)
  • Influencer marketing and social media campaigns (professional agencies)
  • Enable and leverage marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay
  • Integrate experience from production and brand development
  • Distribution über all online and offline channels from a single source


LifeStyleDrinks is the one-stop importer. Here is a small üoverview of our imported Drinks:

  • Importer Seedlip, the first non-alcoholic spirit
  • Alo we import, as it is the best aloe vera drink with small stückets
  • For the Organic friend, we have Big Smile in distribution and are happy to import this from Austria
  • If it can be spicy, then you can not avoid Caliente, for this reason we also import this extraordinary drink with capsaicin
  • Why not finally fill water in cans and save the environment, first made the CanO Water and also for this reason we import this with success
  • Without good and tasty soda can not, the best from London / UK we have therefore included in the program. Firefly is imported and marketed in large style
  • Alt or at the ältesten, so is fromin allegedly the with 50,000 years älteste water in the world and in the import with us just right: water from the ice age
  • Since water should not only be premium water, but also must have premium design / appearance, we import the Healsi Water für the German and European market. We love the diamond style bottle
  • One of the purest premium waters is Icelandic Glacial Water. Already mega famous in the US and UK, we are excited to import and market it here in Germany
  • Who loves sports will love iPro, a healthy, effective evolution of the well-known sports drinks from the gas station without sugar
  • Cold coffee, what is it? That's not how we felt when we experienced the Cold Brew Coffee trend from the USA. Java House – Cold Brew Coffee is really tasty and at the zeitgeist
  • We Germans love coconut water meanwhile, but so really good and high-quality it is not always, for the reason there is Milky Coco with us that is imported and by the combination of coconut milk and coconut water is just incredible
  • LifeStyleDrinks is also the importer of Rain Forest Water, which is probably currently one of the most exciting premium water projects in the world. #KissPlasticGodBye
  • Why always smell and look at roses when you can drink them. So we import the cool Rose Diamond Water für the German market
  • To drink the beauty drink of the Swedes, you need only Tapped kenn. Birch water is virtually unknown yet in Germany, but has everything a healthy body so needs
  • Früchte or not, the most exotic fruits are not or only very rarely in Germany. We love exotic fruits
  • and for that reason we import The Berry Company
  • Who knows Fiji Water, will now also get to know and love VaiWai Water. Import für the new water from Fiji
  • Drinking energy, but without the bad and dangerous ingredients, yes of course with Virtue Energy Water imported and marketed in Germany
  • And for the reason we also bring Water Works as an import product in our range, because there is cactus and real watermelon so taste

With so many different products, it is a question of the right strategy to make these alcohol-free lifestyle drinks available and successful in Germany and Europe

One point of this sophisticated marketing strategy is an online-based ordering platform, plus a fully automated logistics system combined with experienced food and drinks professionals who finally want to see that in Germany #NoMainstream is not the same on the shelves everywhere.

Today's customers, with their individual needs, can finally quench their thirst for liquid lifestyle on the supermarket shelf, in the fitness studio or during sports, in a nice restaurant, the trendy bar or club, as well as in the coffee around the corner.

Whether small or large, we serve every customer: whether tradesman, retailer, hotel, restaurant, bar (HoReCa) or wholesaler.