Askur & Helix Bundle - Buy 1x Askur Gin & Helix Vodka and we add 2x Fentimans (Dry Tonic Water) & 2x Galvanina Blood Orange for FREE!

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Askur 45 - Yggdrasil, Icelandic Gin - 12 x 1000ml Glass Bottle

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Askur 45 - Yggdrasil, Icelandic Gin Mini - 1 x 50ml PET Bottle

Content: 0.05 Liter (€80.00* / 1 Liter)

Askur 45 - Yggdrasil, Icelandic Gin Mini - 100 x 50ml PET Bottles

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Gin Bundle - Askur 45 Yggdrasil Gin, all 4 varieties of Tarsier Gins & both varieties of NorGin!

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Are you sick of the same old store-brand gins? Try a novel endeavor fit for the Norse Gods! The Gin party scene is being taken over by the new Premium Icelandic Gin, Askur Gin. This distinctive premium liquor enchants enthusiasts with both its dazzling trendy look and great Gin taste profile! This unusual spirit will demonstrate its full variety of party options whether served as a standalone Gin Drink or paired with an exotic Tonic to make the ideal Gin n' Tonic.

The Askur Ygdrassil legend

The Norse Viking civilization is where the name Askur Ygdrassil originates. The World tree, known as Askur Ygdrassil, was the most well-known representation of Norse mythology and culture. The nine realms of our cosmos are held together by Askur, the core of the universe, which is symbolized as a massive ash tree. In this way, our Askur serves as the focal point for the five botanicals for our hand-selected gin.

The process of original creation

The best wheat from the French Champagne area is used to create the base spirit for this distinctive premium London Dry Gin, which is then distilled a minimum of seven times. The ideal, pure London Dry gin distillate is then created by hand-picking five specific botanical components, commonly known as gin botanicals, from various regions of the world. The cleanest Icelandic water is used to combine these distillates together once they are transported to Iceland. This highly particular Premium water is suitable for blending since it has a low mineral content but a high amount of alkaline, giving it the right pH of 7,4, which is good for the development of a distinctive tasting Icelandic gin flavor profile.