Gin Bundle - Askur 45 Yggdrasil Gin, all 4 varieties of Tarsier Gins & both varieties of NorGin!

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Glacier Gin - Icelandic Gin - 1 x 700ml Glass Bottle

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Glacier Gin - Icelandic Gin - 6 x 700ml Glass Bottle

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Rúrik Gíslason's Glacier Gin - Premium Gin from Iceland

The idea for Glacier Gin came from two friends, Fannar and Halli - a gin inspired by Icelandic glaciers. The two friends told Rurik about their idea of the gin. So former national soccer player and Let's Dance winner Rurik Gislason joined the company.

Glacier Gin is also not just any gin spirit, but comes with a serious message. It aims to show what global warming is threatening Iceland's beautiful glaciers. According to scientists and experts, in 200 years there will be no more glaciers in Iceland.

In the Glacier Gin is namely still a special feature to find: Rurik's gin consists namely of glacial water from the Icelandic glacier Eyjafjallajökull, which made its appearance in 2010, because it paralyzed air traffic in Europe by its eruptions. The exceptional water in Glacier Gin does its job masterfully. With its high pH, it is ideal for making the premium gin.

The production of Rurik's Glacier Gin

Something was particularly important to the three friends during the production process: to make a gin that is perfect for gin & tonic. After a year of product development, they finally launched the Premium Glacier Gin and it impresses with five delicious, hand-picked botanicals such as juniper berries, coriander seeds, dandelion, lemon and bergamot and pure Icelandic water.

The pride and joy of this premium gin spirit lies in the Icelandic water, as Iceland is just so well known for its pristine nature.

Glacier Gin - a true Let's Dance winner

It is well known that one of the founders of Glacier Gin won the title of Dancing Star 2021 at Let's Dance Germany. Ex-football pro Rúrik Gislason explained in an interview that he was open for new things after his retirement from football. With elegance and discipline, he not only created Glacier Gin, but won Germany's biggest dance show Let's Dance 2021.