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A brand-new vodka for the event

Not amused by the traditional off-the-shelf vodkas? Try something energizing that is deserving of the Party Gods! The latest Icelandic Premium Vodka that is sweeping over the party scene is Helix 7 Vodka! Fans of this distinctive premium spirit are delighted by both its unmatched flavor and flamboyant, eye-catching bottle appearance! This exceptional Premium grade Icelandic vodka will demonstrate its award-winning flavor whether consumed alone or combined with other ingredients in a drink.

The Experience With Helix 7

You will notice a stronger vodka aroma in your nose straight away since this Premium Icelandic Vodka by Helix 7 is viscous to the eye a little more than other ordinary vodkas now on the market. Due to the low mineral concentration of the high-quality Icelandic water, the fragrant sweetness of the French winter wheat is clearly discernible. It starts out with a citrus flavor that lingers on the tongue, then has a creamy, smooth mouthfeel and a very distinctive, silky finish. Helix premium vodka performs at its peak when mixed with a delicious and energizing beverage like our Fruity Galvanina Mixers.

Helix 7 Vodka, a prize-winning premium vodka, was honored with the coveted Platinum Best of Class Medal at the 2019 Sip Awards, a global consumer tasting competition in Irvine, California, for its distinctive flavor. Only the SIP Awards provide an annual international spirit competition that is free from the prejudice of the current marketplace.

With this brand-new Helix Party Sensation, liven up your celebration!