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Xiaman - Artisanal Mezcal - 1 x 500ml Glass Bottle

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Xiaman - Artisanal Mezcal - 1 x 700ml Glass Bottle

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Xiaman - Artisanal Mezcal - 24 x 50ml Glass Bottle

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Xiaman - Artisanal Mezcal - 6 x 700ml Glass Bottle

Content: 4.2 Liter (€180.71* / 1 Liter)

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Mezcal is a spirit from Mexico.

Because it is normally produced by hand, the beverage is so exceptional and unique.

The "artisanal" Xiaman is made by hand with just human or donkey labor and is sweet and spicy.

This premium alcohol is made from two different agave plants: 50% Tepextate "Marmorata" Agave and 50% Espadn "Angustifolia" Agave. A traditional recipe was used to make this.

Every single hand-selected agave is painstakingly inspected and hand-cleaned.

The agave hearts are then roasted using nearby local firewood and earth ovens that were built locally. The agave juice spontaneously ferments thanks to our own yeasts. The first produced liters are ceremoniously dropped onto the "sacred soil" when the distillation is complete.

Fruity, spicy, and sensual have all been used to describe the flavor of this exquisite spirit.

The flavor of smokey honey perfectly balances the lightness of the gentle menthol freshness in this distinctive beverage.

The Tepextate and Espadn Agaves used in this blend are of the highest grade and meet all regulations set out by the Mezcal Regulatory Council. It has 44% alcohol in it (authority).