The test packages at the best price

One of the advantages you have with our online store is that one of our strengths is finding just the right drinks for you.

Therefore, sit back and let us do the work.

We have twelve different test packages, all different from each other. So we can cover almost all your different interests and occasions.

If there is no test package for you, please contact us. Give us some information and we will put together an unforgettable, unique package for you.

Test package Once everything - out of the house

In this package you get a selection of everything - yes, that's right. In this test package is once everything. Why choose when you can have it all?

Test package Premium Waters

If you like to drink water, you know very well that all water definitely does not taste the same. We'll send you a test package full of premium waters. Minerals are also much better for your body than over-sugared soft drinks. Here you'll find Portuguese spring water in a diamond-shaped bottle from Healsi or the all-too-familiar Fiji Water.

Test package Coconut Water

Coconut water is not only very healthy, but also promotes muscle building and helps you lose those few pesky kilos. These are simply the perfect sports drinks!

Test package Functional Drinks

This test package is a master when it comes to beauty and health and sports. Here you will find drinks that contain a lot of superfoods! This will bring you a lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber, probiotics.

Test package Adventure

In our test package Adventure you will not find any standard stuff. If you are tired of 0815-drinks, you are exactly right here! Here you will find drinks like Ahoj Brause, Krasss Drink and much more! Well, fancy an adventure?

Test package Enjoyment

The pleasure package is for every connoisseur and gourmet! Have you ever tried an aloe vera drink or the beauty drink OCÓO, which has proven its beauty effectiveness with 80 international studies?

Test package Creativity

Of course, we also have something for the creative minds among us. Here you can expect drinks with unusual taste and especially with unusual design and if you should have a low, then drink a sip of the Matcha Energy Drink Hakuma, whose packaging is made of cardboard!

Test package Status

Everybody would like to enjoy a more noble drink. In this section you will find true status symbols. Have you ever heard of Nevas Water? The premium water looks like a champagne bottle! And just about all Hollywood stars have been spotted with the iconic Fiji Water! Even the stars are now drinking in style - which of our stars can you identify with best? Find out now!

Test package Discipline

If you always want to give 110%, then we have something for you that will definitely support you! Drinks like Doc Weingart or Hakuma's Energy Black Matcha will get you through the day with a lot of energy and also boost your concentration.

Test package Tradition

You must know the classics from your childhood. Here you can find Ahoj sherbet or drinks that the natives used to drink like Tapped - water directly from the birch tree! Traditions should always be preserved, shouldn't they?

Test package Harmony

In the test package Harmony you will find many delicious and refreshing drinks, which put your mind and body in harmony and contribute to a healthy, balanced diet.

Try our test packages and decide what suits you best!

Test Package "Adventure"

€56.99* €62.18* (8.35% saved)
Test Package "Coconut Water"

€4.39* €4.98* (11.85% saved)
Test Package "Creativity"

€52.99* €60.13* (11.87% saved)
Test Package "Discipline"

€7.99* €9.06* (11.81% saved)
Test Package "Enjoyment"

€58.99* €66.81* (11.7% saved)
Test Package "Functional Drinks"

€3.99* €5.07* (21.3% saved)
Test Package "Harmony"

€44.99* €52.97* (15.07% saved)
Test Package "Once Everything - Out of Home"

€20.99* €24.50* (14.33% saved)
Test Package "Our Spirit(s)"

€520.00* €542.22* (4.1% saved)
Test Package "Premium - Waters"

€19.99* €23.54* (15.08% saved)
Test Package "Status"

€26.99* €30.55* (11.65% saved)
Test Package "Tradition"

€25.99* €29.48* (11.84% saved)